Lobsters shed their shell

The past few months have been a time of vast personal growth in ways I hadn't considered for a while and I'm feeling particularly zen these days, it's wonderful. Being asked on board with the ExxEss Latex crew for Avantgardista in Munich was the beginning of a fantastic chain of events which lead me to writing this, a somewhat rare, blog post. The key point I wish to make amidst my vague mumblings of growth and what not is this: I love you, Glasgow, but it's time to venture to pastures and adventures new. Wheels are being set in motion for my departure from Glasgow by February 2018, if not sooner. Next stop, England. Until I have landed in my new locale I will keep the destination to myself, but do not fret (as so many often do when change comes) I can assure you this is not a retirement notice. Rather the opposite.

Yesterday I met with Mistress Lilith of Abstract Me chambers for a chat about my plans and she has kindly given me permission to session from her premises during my future frequent returns to Glasgow, to maintain the stable of subs I have cultivated here on home soil. And for the next two months I will be back to using the old contact number and taking new subs once more. Making the most of the time I have left in my beloved city is an absolute must before I pack up the playspace and head off to the next chapter of my personal and professional evolution. ❤

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